HEL-X Flake 30

Ideal for heavily polluted wastewater and compact systems

The highly porous, compact structure enables high space reduction rates for high cleaning performance on a small area.
In the pores, the biomass is protected from the shear forces, at the same time the surface of the chip is cleaned by the shear forces, so that the supply of the immobilized biomass with nutrients and oxygen is ensured.


Hel-X biocarriers in biofilm processes and mass transfer processes

The success of the conventional bio carriers for use in MBBR or IFAS led to further applications being investigated. Since concentrations of BOD and COD have to be treated in many cases, especially in industrial applications, this naturally results in the requirement to also realize higher active areas for the carriers. In order to meet this customer requirement, the development of the high-performance biocarrier of the Biochip HXC type began more than 10 years ago. In contrast to conventional biocarriers the active surface does not result from the geometry of the carrier with spirals, reinforcement rings and lamellas, but from a special pore structure in the plastic carrier.

Like conventional biocarrier, the high-performance biocarrier are made of HDPE. The microorganisms settle within the pores and are then supplied with nutrients and oxygen through the mass transfer on the biofilm and diffusion.

The first product in this series was the HXC18 biochip. This had a diameter of approx. 18 mm and a thickness of 1.1 – 1.2 mm.

The HEL-X Flake 30 has been in production since 2019. With a diameter of 30 mm, this is significantly larger.

Technical data

HEL-X Flake 30 are characterized by high mechanical stability

The specific surface was confirmed by measurements at well-known universities and research institutions.
In order to ensure the constant quality of the HEL-X Flake 30 high-performance biocarrier, we prefer to use new PE-Granulate.

Diameter: approx. 30 mm
Specific surface: > 5.000 m² / m³
Packaging:3 m³ big bags


The HEL-X Flake 30 is the optimal solution for heavily polluted wastewater or for applications that require a compact construction.

Municipal wastewater treatment

  • COD / BOD – Elimination
  • nitrification / denitrification
  • Compact sewage treatment plants / container sewage treatment plants
  • sludge water treatment

Industrial sewage

  • paper and pulp industry
  • Food industry
  • Steel industry / coking plant
  • petrochemicals
  • Chemical industry


  • Fish farming
  • recirculation systems
  • koi farming

The advantages of using the HEL-X FLAKE 30:

  • The porous structure provides an extremely large area for biomass growth
  • The biomass is protected from abrasion in its pores
  • The flat geometry allows an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients
  • Due to their size, the flakes can easily be retained in the basin by retention systems
HEL-X FLAKE 30 with biofilm (40x magnification)
HEL-X FLAKE 30 with biofilm (magnification)
Cultures from the biofilm (phase contrast microscopy)


We would be happy to advise you

HEL-X products cover the entire spectrum from conventional biocarrier to high-performance biocarrier.

Together with our partners, we also support you in the procurement of core components such as ventilation devices, retention sieves and mixing devices.

We would be happy to advise you on your specific application with regard to:

  • Choice of packing
  • Amount of packing
  • Required pool volume
  • Oxygen entry
  • Restraint systems

Please fill out our wastewater treatment questionnaire.

Quality control

Quality control in production ensures a consistently high level of product quality for your application in terms of size, density and pore structure.
Our Hel-X biocarrier are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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